The Great British Bake Off Nourishes My Soul

On Your Marks, Get Set … BAKE!

1. The show doesn’t try to convince you this is an epic, life-changing opportunity.

2. Contestants are competitive, not vicious.

“Calm the hell down, Steve. Shut up and have a dugout mimosa.”

3. Contestants never fight with the judges.

4. The Judges

This is Paul Hollywood (no I don’t know why he’s called that). He’s the tough judge.
This is Mary Berry and she wants to check your bottom.

5. The Hosts

7. There’s an element of chaos.

9. All kinds of Brits compete.

Just a bro helping his fellow bro get the right amount of buko pandan ice cream in his Showstopper
It’s such a beautiful show.

Writer, musician, improvisor, recovering pessimist.

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