The Bachelorette: Stock Photo Edition

Scandalous Secrets From the New Cast

Image by Daniel Xavier

Which of these eligible bachelors will be her beau?

Image by Daniel Xavier

Tito, 29

Image by Bruce Mars

Demetrius, 30

Image by nastya_gepp

Timothy, 29

Image by nappy

Stephen, 31

Image by Taiwili Kayan

Connor, 24

Image by Omar López

CJ, 26

Image by Tim Savage

Christopher, 33

Image by mentatdgt

Nathaniel, 26

Jason, 29

Image by Diptak Halder

Dylan, 27

Image by Jason Appleton

Gary, 31

Image by Warren Wong

Howard, 26

Image by Ben White

Cory, 30

Who do you think Janet should pick? Who deserves a rose? Who do you think will be next season’s bachelor?

Writer, musician, improvisor, recovering pessimist.

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