More 100% Definitely True Stories Behind Stock Photos

The Shocking Truth Beyond the Shutter

Beyond the borders of each stock photo, there exists a world of truth. Heroes, villains, love, hope, desperation — you can find all of this and more at sites like Unsplash and Pexels. Once again, we dive into the secret stories behind these enigmatic images.

Buyers of the Smart Table© learn quickly that the innovative furniture’s demands must be met. Or there will be consequences. On a good day, it asks only for a smile.

Stephanie has spent months planning the outfit for her senior pictures. And now she has the perfect pose. She just knows this is going to be her year.

“Coming up in the 7 o’clock hour, the mayor is facing criticism for his bold new approach to the city’s homelessness problem. Stay tuned for all the details.”

Finally, Anita’s plans for a giant killer sunflower are complete. With her minions working on the genetic engineering, her quest for world domination is approaching its violent, inevitable end.

The sweet April morning dawned with a glory befitting the occasion. Today, in Napa’s oldest and most secret ritual, they sacrifice Catherine to the grapevines. May the fruit be sweet, may her passage be pleasant, may the harvest be bountiful.

Emma dreams of being a nature photographer, but the bills have to be paid so here she is: taking pictures of antique cameras for this artisan boutique’s Squarespace site. And Paul is RUINING her shot.

“A long time ago, we used these to collect wind here. Isn’t that silly? Let’s go pick up Daddy from the coal mine.”

The Break Room Boys are a boy band for the professional young woman. Climbing the corporate ladder has never been so fun and so romantic. Their hits include “Let’s Do Lunch,” “Put Some Time (On Your Calendar),” and “Break Room Booty.”

Finally, a flock for women!

In the mass of fellow worshippers, Amanda wishes she could feel His divine benevolence. But deep down, what she really wants is for the God Squad to point that T-shirt gun her way.

Ms. Rodriguez starts every term with a team-building activity. As she watches the children drag the slain troll’s carcass back to the classroom, she is sure this is a good bunch.

From their very first record, critics speculated that Buttercup would be the Beyoncé of the group. Jealousy and resentment quickly became the greatest threat to the band’s success.

Peter smiles sadly at yet another candlelight vigil. He fears that, once again, the outrage will be short-lived and nothing will change. But he shows up nonetheless, hoping he is wrong.

The head of marketing was sure these mind-melding rings would revolutionize the way his team collaborates. He didn’t anticipate the rings would also transmit all their secrets, fears, and grudges. He refuses to admit it, but the technologically-imposed transparency is tearing them apart.

“A good boy,” Gizmo said softly. “Is that what I am?”

Writer, musician, improvisor, recovering pessimist.

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