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  • Abby Aker

    Abby Aker

    Inky pen, big watch, lots of water. Design @Medium.

  • Rachel Williams

    Rachel Williams

  • Drew Magary

    Drew Magary

    Columnist at GEN. Co-founder, Defector. Author of Point B.

  • Kate Siahaan-Rigg

    Kate Siahaan-Rigg

    Actor, Writer, activist, futurist, culture vulture, Amerasian rebel. And sometimes why. FB @katerigg IG @kateriggnyc www.katerigg.com

  • Robert Roy Britt

    Robert Roy Britt

    Independent health and science journalist, former editor-in-chief of LiveScience, writing about how we age and how to optimize your mind and body through time.

  • Crystal Marie Fleming

    Crystal Marie Fleming

    Professor, sociologist and author of two books, including my latest: HOW TO BE LESS STUPID ABOUT RACE. Photo credit: Nicole Mondestin

  • Maya Kroth

    Maya Kroth

    Itinerant journo, ex @fulbrightprgrm Spain & @sipiapa_oficial in Mex, interested in siesta, travel, food, journalism, bicycles & bourbon.

  • Danielle Tcholakian

    Danielle Tcholakian

    Roving freelance journalist writing on social issues, gender, politics and health. Former New York City local news reporter.

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