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Don’t Leave Yourself in a Ditch

One of my favorite post-college memories isn’t even mine. I only heard the story after the fact from my friends, Stephanie and Anna. But the hilarity and wisdom has stuck with me for years.

If the Alamo were more structurally sound, it would have looked like this. (Image: Myriams-Fotos)

“Beer Fest makes fools of the best of us.”

In case you thought we only had fish tacos, surfing, and heartbroken Chargers fans, you should know San Diego also has a thriving craft beer industry. Throw a bottle cap in any direction and you will peg at least three people who brew, sell, or distribute beer for a living. They invariably wear a uniform of clever T-shirts from the city’s 14 million breweries, which may be located in the trendy neighborhood of North Park, the tragically gentrifying East Village, or the abandoned business parks of Mira Mesa. If you don’t feel like trekking to your favorite brewery on the other side of town, odds are there is a tasting room or 30-tap tavern in your neighborhood with a bartender ready to pontificate on the caramel or sandalwood undertones of his double IPAs.

Pretzel necklace and pretty millennial not included in purchase. (Image: CityBeat Beer Fest)
A dangerous foe for those leaving Beer Fest. (Image: MabelAmber)

“How many times have you been the one stuck in a ditch, insisting that ‘this is fine’?”

But Stephanie and Anna’s Beer Fest story gave me a slightly different perspective. Not only are we often more critical of ourselves than we are of our friends, we are often willing to put up with more (or settle for less) than we would allow our friends to.

Writer, musician, improvisor, recovering pessimist.

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